Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide which of our services is right for you, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions. If your query isn’t answered after reading this page, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Will you design my website for me?

Simply Get Online does not offer web design services. We’re here to help you get your website online using existing, freely available WordPress themes which we can then customise to your needs.

We know what works well with WordPress and what doesn’t. You know what your customers will like and what they won’t. So we’ll work together to find a theme which ticks all the boxes.

How long will it take to setup my website?

Once you’ve paid, we’ll contact you within a few days with a form to complete. This will tell us all about the website you want so we know what to make. Once you return this to us, we’ll aim to complete your website setup within seven days. Although this might be a bit slower during busy periods.

Is my data safe?

When you setup a website using our services we will have access to the backend of your website. This is so that we can work on it, add content, install updates, and so on. This means we will be able to see the content you have on your website, including data for customers and orders if you have an online store. No part of your website will be edited or removed without your prior consent.

It is also important to note that although we can setup and delete email accounts for you, we cannot read the emails sent or received using them.

More information about your data privacy can be found in our privacy policy.

Can I use an existing domain name or buy one elsewhere?

All our website setup options come with a domain name of your choice included. If you already have one, let us know and we can use that. Or if you’d prefer to purchase one from a third-party that’s ok too, we can point it to our systems.

What happens after a year?

After a year we’d love you to renew your hosting for £25. But if you’d prefer to move to a third-party, ask them about migrations and we’ll support you in your move.

Do I have to stay for a year?

No. You can move to a third-party at any time but you won’t receive a refund on any remaining months. If you’d prefer to move to a third-party, ask them about migrations and we’ll support you in your move.